1-day City Retreat with cacaoceremony


juni 18


9:00 - 18:00

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There is a constant over stimulation in the hectic city life. Whilst being constantly on the run to our next achievement of progress, a sense of connection to the self, inner intuition and boundaries is lost. Resulting in only finding a forced stop in our absolute limits.

In the centre of Amsterdam, SØSOUL- House of Happiness is now open for City Retreats with a series of four 1-day City Retreat following the ways of the Buddha. This first edition is about Non-Violence. Which invite us to see where we can communicate, act and judge others and ourselves with peace and grace.

This retreat will also facilitate a cacao ceremony to open up our heart-chakra where we can connect deeper with our true self.

⊹ How can we be in contact with what this constant flow of stimuli does to our body and sense of self?

⊹ How can we come in stillness, in order to connect to the self?

⊹ How can we find a sense of release of pain and tension in safety with the self?

This series is dedicated to Embodiment Practice, Aware Intuition, Balance and Stillness and Worthiness in the bond to the self.

Together we will explore:

⊹ Yoga

⊹ Meditation

⊹ Lectures: Spiritual Wisdom

⊹ Healing Practise

⊹ Sacred Ceremonies

A delicious platter of seasonal fruits and homemade lunch will be served along with herbal-infused teas.