Discover Your True Self
Embark on a transformative journey of consciousness, self-awareness, and self-expression with our workshop, “Free Joints ~ Free Voice.” This immersive experience is dedicated to exploring and enhancing physical and spiritual freedom through sound and movement therapy.

What to Expect
Body Awareness: Experience what it feels like to let go of tension and allow your body to support you naturally.
Breath Exploration: Notice your breath and let it flow freely, warming and releasing each joint.
Healing Sounds: Transform your exhale into sound, allowing vibrations to heal areas where fears, insecurities, and traumas reside.
Freedom in Movement: Discover how your body moves when it is free and soft, and let yourself be drawn into natural, expressive movement.

Workshop Experience
In our workshop, we create a safe and inspiring environment where participants are free to express themselves through voice and movement. Through a variety of activities, we explore the healing power of voice and movement and the relationship between them.
Sound Therapy and Alexander Technique: Utilize singing bowls, musical instruments, and rhythms to explore how sound affects your physical and internal states.
Vocal Training and Liberation: Engage in breathing techniques, singing exercises, and mantras to uncover the power and freedom of your voice.
Movement and Joints: Through yoga, the Alexander Technique, and dance, free your body and enhance your overall wellness.
Meditation and Spiritual Development: Participate in practices that promote inner peace and spiritual growth.
Throughout the workshop, live music will enhance the atmosphere, providing a rich and inspiring backdrop to your journey of self-discovery.

After the workshop it is possible to book a sound massage. The Peter Hess Methos sound massage is based on ancient knowledge regarding the impact of sound used as a therapy in India for over 5000 years. In his search for alternative therapeutic methods, Peter Hess traveled to Nepal, India, and Tibet. During these journeys, he encountered sound-based healing methods for the first time. With the knowledge he acquired through many years of practice, Peter Hess adapted this knowledge to Western cultures, resulting in sound massage.

Meet Your Guides
Eleni Christidou
Eleni is a musicologist with extensive experience in music theory, piano, accordion, guitar, and percussion. Her training in the Alexander Technique and drama school has deepened her sensitivity to expression and interaction. With a personal journey in sound healing, Eleni has worked with diverse groups, including those with disabilities and children, helping them find freedom and confidence in their voices.
Panos Tantis
A versatile musician and sound therapist, Panos has explored various music genres and the therapeutic power of sound. With experience in sound recording, composition, and performance, he believes in music’s healing vibrations. Panos has produced three original albums and continues to teach and inspire through his musical creations, enriching our workshop with his belief in the universal connection through vibrations.

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Take this opportunity to discover the power of your voice and the freedom of your movement. Connect with like-minded individuals in a safe and inspiring environment, guided by experts passionate about your journey to inner wellness and harmony.
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Spaces are limited to 10 persons.

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