KAP by Hiske

KAP Kundalini Activation Process

Ken je KAP, dan ken je Hiske!

Hiske reist de hele wereld rond. Bij SØSOUL geeft ze iedere maand een KAP-sessie voor een groep van max. 12 personen.

KAP is a method of energy transmission that allows activation of the kundalini. A natural energy that is found in all of us but that over the years by trauma and conditioning fades away.
By reactivating it, the benefits for the body mind and soul are innumerable, opening our consciousness, empowering us, centring us.
Making us delete everything that is standing in the way to reconnecting with our true essence and contributing confidence, peace and creativity.

Also known as the yoga of consciousness. KAP is a technique that is captivating those who are trying it and that will allow you to your maximum physical, mental and emotional potential.